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Hussain Bakhsh Gullu – 100% Free Punjabi Folk Music Download


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Hussain Bakhsh Gullu - 100% Free Punjabi Folk Music Download


Pakistani Classical Music Singer Hussain Bakhsh Gullu Biography

Ustad Hussain Bakhsh Gullu Pakistani Classical Music Singer. He is great Classical Music Singer, he created great name in Punjabi Songs Music. He belongs popular Patiala and Sham Chaurasi Gharana of Classical Music Great Mastreos Ustad Salamat Ali Khan,  Ustad Nazakat Ali khan. 

He is an extraordinary composer and has set many Ghazals to music in a very poetic way that can only be understood through experiencing one of his concerts. Ustad Hussain Bakhsh Gullu traveled to Europe, North America and frequently to India where he regularly performs to high level. 

He was awarded the Chandigargh award for music by the Chandigargh Club, India and he is  regular singer of  Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television. He is  a great performer and is equally convincing in his delivery of Indian Classical, Thumri  and Pakistani Ghazals in Urdu.  Ustad Hussain Bux Gullu is son of renowned Artist Ustad Nathu Khan.   I have selected below most popular Music of Ustad Hussain Bakhsh Gullu.

Ustad Hussain Bakhsh Gullu Classical Music Download
Download Aa Wass Mendhe Wehre
Download Bolian
Download Dasso Ni Wichhora Mere Gall Pay Gaya
Download Jis Tan Lagya Ishq Kamal
Download Jit Wal Menda Mittar Piyara
Download Main Way Jhok Ranjhan Di Jana
Download Rabba Mere Haal Da Mehram Tu
Download Sanwal Mod Moharan
Download Sohne Yaar Punnal Da
He gave outstanding performance in Indian Classical, Pakistani Folk Music, Punjabi Songs and Thumri Light-Classical and Ghazals. He has created a new style of Ghazal singing which brings out the best elements of Classical Music, Ghazals and Thumris. 
He was the Guru-Brother of Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, based in  Lahore Pakistan, Hussain Baksh is now considered one of the leading exponents of the Patiala Gharana. He has created a new style in Ghazals singing which brings out the best elements of Classical Music. He is an extraordinary composer and has set many Best Ghazal Song.

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