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Hyder Rind – 100% Free, Marwari Sindhi, Music Download




Hyder Rind - 100% Free, Marwari Sindhi, Music Download

Hyder Rind Marwari and Sindhi Folk Music Artist. He is a great most popular Sindhi Folk Music Artist. He has sung Sindhi Classical Music and Sindhi Folk Music with a new style on Alghoza Instrument. I have selected the most popular Sindhi songs of Hyder Rind and also famous songs in the Marwari language. He sang to the demand of the people.

Hyder Rind is very popular in Marwari Music, Dhatki and Sindhi Songs on Alghoza Been with great Alghoza Singer Aleem Khaskheli. Hyder Rind is great and popular, especially in Therparker, Badin, and Thatta, and also all Peoples of Sindh like Hyder Rind. 
Hyder Rind is a very popular Singer in Sindh. Hyder Rind introduced a new style to sing on Alghoza traditional Marwari Songs. I have selected below the most popular Marwari and Sindhi Classical Music of Hyder Rind. 


Hyder Rind – Sindhi Folk Music Free Download
Download Aayal Re Mohinji Maa Chhalre Rulai
Download Adaliyo
Download Ao Banare Bana
Download Biro Binjaro Re
Download Challa
Download Gadero Bharo
Download Jhur Phur Lai
Download Jin Jovan Tu To Firain
Download Jogiro
Download Kangasiyo
Download Kari Ta Pakhro
Download Ladi Yaar Jani Chhadyo Aj Wanjan Tho
Download Manja Manara Mehari
Download Moran Bai
Download Pardes Giyo Mohinjo Janiro
Download Pardesi Moriara
Download Sada Tu Sahiliyan Marwai Hit Song
Download Sara Sar Maa
Download Varee Mund
Download Yaar Pehinji Wisare Chhadyo
Download Yaari Rakhi


Biography Sindhi Folk Music Singer Hyder Rind


Hyder Rind was born in 1955, in Village “Karimdad Ji Tarr” Therparker Sindh. He is a great Marwari and Sindhi Singer of Therparker Sindh and he has created a great name in Sindhi Music, Marwari Music. He got Musical training from ustad Luqman from Mithi Therparker.  
Hyder Rind sang Sindhi and Marwari Folk Music with Alghoza Been in marriage ceremonies, Mela, Mehfils, and other places. It is a very popular town to villages very soon. Hyder Rind has given a great performance in Pakistan Television Sindhi Program “Mehfil”. 
Sindhi people never forget this great Artist forever. His style in singing on Alghoza introduces great traditional Folk Music people like his great style and sweet sound. Hyder Rind Music is especially played in Vehicles, Mehfils, Aotaq, Mela, and Marriage ceremonies in root areas. 

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