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Khalid Hussain Bhatti – 100% Free Sindhi Sufi Music Download

Khalid Hussain Bhatti - 100% Free Sindhi Sufi Music Download



Khalid Hussain Bhatti Sindhi Folk Music Singer. He is the most popular Sindhi young Artist and he has sung a lot of great songs in the Sindhi and Saraiki languages.

His new signing style is very popular and his super songs have been sung by Sindhi Culture. He is a great Sindhi Artist, he sang Sindhi Sufi Music and he is an incredible Sindhi Singer and he is awesome Traditional Music and Sindhi Sufi Music Artist of Sindh. 
Khalid Hussain Bhatti is a great Lok Music Singer and he had assumed an awesome part in prevalent Sindh Folk Music all over Sindh and Pakistan. He has sung a lot of Super Hit Sindhi Sufi songs, in the event Sindhi Programs and Mehfils. 
His profound interpretation has been conveying comfort to numerous hearts. He is one of those uncommon established performers who extended the peripheries of Traditional Music by taking it to the normal masses. 
Khalid Hussain Bhatti is rendering of  Sindhi Arfana Kalaams, Sindhi Kaafis, was awesome used to excite and transfix audience members, and transport them into an alternate world, his music goes to towns from town to town. I have chosen below the most well-known Sindhi Songs of  Khalid Hussain Bhatti. 


Khalid Hussain Bhatti – Sindhi Folk Music Free Download 
Download Ai Preen Pardo Hatai
Download Aram Asan Ja Tamam The Waya
Download Asan Sufi Ahyun
Download Hik Moat Maio Je Bhau Suhna
Download Hik Surat Tuhnji Sarn Atham
Download Mander Mai Allah Nazar Na Aayo
Download Pather Bhi Nazar Mayo



Biography Sindhi Sufi Music Singer Khalid Hussain Bhatti

Khalid Hussain Bhatti is an extremely well-known Artist of Sindh, he started his career with Sindhi local TV Channels and he has sung Sindhi Society Music and Sindhi Traditional Music in Radio Pakistan and Pakistan TV, and KTN TV Channel, Kashish TV Channel
Khalid Hussain Bhatti advanced the universe of music and excited the gatherings of people with his mind-blowing masterful Artist in Sufi Music and he was called an extraordinary entertainer of Sindhi Folk  Music. He has sung “Sindhi Sufi  Songs of great poets such as Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A, Hazrat Sachal Sarmast R.A, Hazrat Bhudhal Faqeer R.A, Hazrat Manthar Faqeer R.A and other great Sufi Poets of Sindh.

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