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Mai Bhagi – 100% Free Sindhi Lok Geet Music Download

Sindhi Folk Music Singer Mai Bhagi was very popular all over Sindh and Thperparkar, she has sung Sindhi Songs, you can download her songs from this site, including Sindi Sehra, Sindhi Lok Geet, Sindhi old Classical, and all famous audio songs.

Mai Bhagi - 100% Free Sindhi Lok Geet Music Download
Mai Bhagi had sung great Sindhi Old Sehra in new stylish in old times, in the ceremony of marriage, because Lok Geet is still popular in the Root area of Sindh.
The history of Sindhi Lok Geet is too old, women in Sindh gather in open Mehfils and they sing together Shadi Sehra and Lok geet songs, that time Mai Bhagi was also sung stylish great songs with her sweet sound and as yet you can listen to Sindhi songs in different places of events.
The Lok Geet was sung by Mai Bhagi, in Cassettes, now converted into CDs is still popular in the root area of Sindh and other areas and districts, the people especially grassroots areas in Sindh listened to Lok Geet, Sehra of Mai Bhagi. 

Biography Sindhi Lok Geet  Singer Mai Bhagi

Mai Bhagi was Sindhi Lok Geet Singer she was born in 1920 in Deplo Therparker Sindh, her original name was Bhageri. Her father’s name was Wanhiyal Faqeer and her mother Khadeja was also a singer, she got married when she was 16 years old with Hothi Faeer in Islam Kot Sindh.
Mai Bhagi was shifted to Mithi Therparker in 1950, she was introduced by producer Shaikh Ghulam Hussain on Radio Pakistan Hyderabad and on Pakistan Television by producer Abdul Karim Baloch
She had sung Sindhi Sehra at weddings and other ceremonies in different villages of Thar and other local areas and she started singing on Radio Pakistan in 1960. Mai Bhagi won Pride of Performance and other main Sindhi awards and she was called “Ther Ji Koel” she was a great legendary Artist of Sindh.
She was the most popular Legendary Sindhi Classical Music, Sindhi Folk Music singer and she created a great name in Sindh Music she was also the singer of loving Sindhi peoples. Her most popular song “Chirmi Ro Bilal Saa” was very popular on Radio Pakistan. She belongs to a very poor family, she sang Sindhi Lok Geet on different occasions. This legendary Sindhi Lok Geet Artist died on 7th July 1986. 

How to download Most Popular Lok Geet, Sehra  Mai Bhagi

Mai Bhagi was a legend of all time in Sindh, her songs are still remembered in our hearts. I have selected below the most popular Sindhi Sehra, Sindhi Lok Geet, and Sindhi Folk Music Sindhi songs that were sung by Mai Bhagi on different occasions.  I have selected below the most popular Sindhi Sehra, Sindhi Lok Geet, Sindhi Folk Music Sindhi Songs of Mai Bhagi.  


Mai Bhagi – Old Sindhi Lok Geet Music Free Download 
Download Aayal Re Olana
Download Bhit Ja Bhitai Bhit Te Wasai Noor
Download Bhener Mohinjo Barocho Aayo
Download Jogi Thi Maan Murliyoon Wajaya
Download Jeejal Mohinji Qismat
Download Jaryen Manjh Jayes
Download Kharee Neem Ke Neechay
Download Khani Aaya Khoh Ta
Download Loreh Manjhan Lurendi Achi
Download Mohinja Pakhi Pardehira Maan Milo
Download Murli Wari Mann Mohiyo Re
Download Pal Pal Poor Pawan


Most Famous Sindhi Classical Music of Mai Bhagi

Mai Bhagi had sung a lot of great songs in the history of Sindhi Classical Music, some following great songs were very popular.
  • Khari Neem Ke Neechay
  • Aayal Barocho Sajan Moo Khi
  • Jeejal Mohinji Qismat
  • Bhit Ja Bhitai Bhit Te Wasai
  • Murli Wari Mann Mohiyo Re Allah

History of Mai Bhagi Sindhi Old Folk Music

Music from Sindh territory is sung in Sindhi, and is for the most part performed in either the “Snares” or “Waee styles“. The Baits style is Lok music in Sanhoon soft song or Graham. Waee instrumental music is performed in an assortment of ways utilizing a string instrument. Waee, otherwise called Sindhi Kafi, and Sindhi songs sung by other singers such as Mai Bhagi.
The Kalam and Arfana Kalam are found in the encompassing territories of Balochistan, Punjab, and Kutch Rajhastan. The customary aggregations of Shah Jo Risalo by Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A incorporate 30 Surs, which are sung and called “Raags”. 
The most established distributions of Shah Jo Risalo contained somewhere in the range of 36 Surs, yet later the greater part of the etymologists disposed of 06 Surs, as their language and substance. 
Dr. Nabi Bakhsh Baloch, the most eminent etymologist of the Sindhi language has gathered and following 32 years of research in society culture, language, and history of the Sindhi language. Sindhi Songs are so melodious and well known in Sindh, the acclaimed songs included are, “Sindh Muhinje Amma“, “Perchan Shaal Panvar Dhola Maro Moo Saan“.  

Mai Bhagi Historical Sindhi Songs and What is about Classical Music in Sindh

Sindhi Old style music that joins the society melodies of Sindh is celebrated in the old traditional time span d various periods, in the area of Hindustan and Sindh. The central principles of this exclusively got arranged someplace in the scope of 1550 and 1900, which is known as the normal practice time span and the melodic history in the time where traditional music was sung by singers.
Performers who have mulled over conventional music comprehensively are said to be “customarily arranged”. This arrangement may begin from private activities by instrument or voice teachers or from the realization of an ordinary program offered by a studio, school, or school in the bygone era.
In the area of Sindh, a few instructors of Classical music have shown traditional music to the youthful in Yaktaro and Chapri. The Shah Jo Risalo, the “Surs”, particularly, traditional Bhervi, Sassi, Moomal Rano was sung, in an old and new style. A ton of artists, for example, Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan, Mai Bhagi, Fozia Soomro, was the ace of Classical music in Sindh, a lot of understudies has encouraged traditional music preparation from their instructors in Sindh.

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