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Marvi Sindhu Sindhi Music Singer Biography

Marvi Sindhu Sindhi Folk Music Artist. She is extraordinary Sindhi Music Singer, she made awesome name in Sindh Music.  She assumed an awesome part in prevalent Sindhi Popular Music, Lok Music and People songs, the whole way across the Sindh, she has sung most renowned songs in Sindhi dialect. She got notoriety in the field of Sindhi Society Music in Sindhi dialect TV stations, for example, KTN Channel, Sindh Television, Kashish Television and others. 

Marvi Sindhu shows happen inside Sindh. She performed in Sindhi Music on various events, she sung Sindhi Sehra in wedding services. Her deep interpretation has been bringing comfort parcel of hearts. She is one of those uncommon performers who extended the peripheries of Society songs by taking it to the basic masses. 
Her rendering of “Sindhi Kalam” was celestial and used to captivate and transfix audience members, and transport them into an alternate world.  I have chosen below most well known Music of Marvi Sindhu.

Marvi Sindhu Sindhi Folk Music Download
Age Karo Wago Ho
Allah Sain Tohinji Dunya
Ari Dil Kithi Areean
Badhi Gano Ghoot
Bewafa Tu Khi Qadar Na Aa
Chayo Seen Thi Hikro Dafo Ach Miloon
Kharee Neem Ke Neechay
Chhiney Tu Aa Yaari
Des Chhady Wayo Aa Yaar
Gulan Wari Ghiti Mai Ghar
Hal Pari Thi Hal Pari Thi
Her Ko Assan Khi Chhadey Wayo Aa
Mathay Te Moor Thee
Mehal Mehindi Ji
Mohinji Disi Hi Haalat Dunya Cheryo Chawi
Na Ke Dua Na Salam
Pae Haar Notan Ja
Purse Mai Tohinjo Photo
Qasam Te Tu Saa Dil Aa
Qismat Ji Lakeerun Mai
Qurb Jo Kamal Aa Dil Lagi Ji Galh Aa
Saath Chhady Wai
Sindh Aa Jaan Khan Piyari
Sohni Hee Kunwar
Thendas Kon Tu Khan Juda
Thi Zindagi Wai Birbad
Tohinji Shaadi Aa
Tu Saan Piyar Aa
Tuhinji Dil Moo Saan Aa
Was Kayo Moo Khan Wisre Wanjay


Marvi Sindhu Sindhi Folk Music Singer, she has sung Sindhi Cultural Music. Music from Sindh area is sung in Sindhi, and is by and large performed in either the “Draws” or “Waee” styles. The Draws style is vocal music in Sanhoon or Graham.  

Waee, by and large called Sindhi Kaafi and Arfana Kalaam is found in the wrapping zones of Balochistan and Province of Sindh. She played all “Sindhi Social Music ” of extraordinary verse of Prominent Sindhi youthful artists. Marvi Sindhu sung super hit songs with new Collections and extremely well known in Sindhi youthful culture.

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