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Moosa Hussain Samo – 100% Free Sindhi Classical Music Download



Moosa Hussain Samo - 100% Free Sindhi Classical Music Download

Moosa Hussain Samo Sindhi old Classical Music Singer. He is the most popular old Sindh Old Classical Music Singer, he has sung a lot of Sindhi great super hit songs in the Sindhi language. He creates a great name in Sindh Music. He was sublime bewildering Sindhi Traditional Music, and Sindhi Folk Music Singer. 
Moosa Hussain Samo had expected a shocking part in unavoidable Sindhi Cultural Old Music, Sindhi Folk Music of Sindh. Moosa Hussain Samo is a great Sindhi Artist his voice was a gift of God and he was mind-blowing and used to interface with and transfix the get-together of people individuals and transport them into a substitute world.  
Moosa Hussain Samo sang his great song on Radio Pakistan Hyderabad “Dost Tohinji Des Mai Dil Furayo Tho Wanjan” which was very popular all over Sindh. He sang each Sindhi Folk Music of shocking verse of unavoidable Sindhi masters. I have selected below the most popular Sindhi Super Hit Sindhi Songs of Mossa Hussain Samo.


Moosa Hussain Samo – Sindhi Old Classical Music Free Download
Download Alley Munja Marowara
Download Dil Thi Tokhe Yaad Kare
Download Dilruba Dildar Moo Kha Chho Thiyo Aahen Pari
Download Dost Tohinje Des Mai
Download Kare Wan Na Paso Achi Mil Tu Rana
Download Mitha Munhjey Maran Khaan Po Angan
Download Moo Khe Ruande Wihami Raat Re, Ranal Bhala Chho Na Aaen
Download Moo Khi Chhaday Na Wanj
Download Mujhe Dil Ja Jani Kithe Halo Waye
Download Sikande Saal Thiya Thedeyas Neth Chari
Download Udi Wanj Kangri Pehinjo Watan Aahi Door



Biography Sindhi Old Music Singer Moosa Hussain Samo


Moosa Hussain Samo started his career in Radio Pakistan Hyderabad,  his Sindhi Classical Music with zeal and enthusiasm, and a professional style. He restored the universe of Music and captivated the social events of onlookers with his evident character blowing. His focal aggregation has been passing on solace to various hearts. 
Moosa Hussain Samo is one of those uncommon setup entertainers who raised the peripheries of Standard Music, Sindhi Society Music by taking it to the basic masses. His rendering of “Sindhi Kaafis“, “Sindhi Kalams“. 
Moosa Hussain Samo was a bewildering Old Sindhi Standard Music Artist of Sindh and he has sung in the Mela, Open Mehfils. He sang a few great songs of Sindhi great poets and others. I have picked above most standard Sindhi Lok Music of  Mossa Hussain Samo.


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