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Muhammad Ibrahim was a legendary Sindhi Classical Music Singer. He had sung  Sindhi Folk Music, and he was an expert in storyteller songs “Dastan Music ” in the Sindhi language. 
I have selected the top songs of the Artist, he sang poetry of “Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A”, “Hazrat Sachal Sermast R.A”, and other poets of Sindh. 
Muhammad Ibrahim was a great Sindhi Singer, he creates a great name in Sindhi Music. He has sung Sindhi Songs such as Sindhi Lok Music, Sindhi Sufi Kalams. We never forget him. 
When we listen to his sweet sound our hearts go to the memory of Ustad Muhammad Ibrahim legendary Sindhi Singer. Especially he has sung the poetry of all Sindhi Poets. 
Muhammad Ibrahim was a famous singer on Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television. He was very popular in the Music of Sindhi Lok Dastan. He has sung a lot of great songs on Radio Pakistan Hyderabad Karachi and Khairupur. 
He was Master Sindhi Classical Mousiqui.  I have selected below the most popular old Sindhi Songs of Ustad Muhammad Ibrahim.  


Ustad Muhammad Ibrahim – Sindhi Classical Music Free Download
Ant Bhar Di Kaber
Badal Barsaat
Chhady De Mulk Dunya
Dastan Noori Jam Tamachi
Dastan Sasai Panu
Dhado Ishiq Arrango
Hosh Kary Dis Hanjra Yaar
Jogi Rahi Naa Raat
Kare Dil Udasi Piyara
Muhnjo Punhal Saan Ahy Piyar
Nung Barochal Tu Te
Qismat Qaid Kayo
Tosan Nirmal Neehun
Tounjhi Sorat Jo
Umar Hujan Jay


Biography Sindhi  Folk Music Singer Muhammad Ibrahim


Muhammad Ibrahim was born on 13 June 1920 in  Salaya Gujarat and later he shifted to Karachi Pakistan. He was the most popular Singer of Radio Pakistan Hyderabad. 
He creates a great name in Sindh Folk Music. Ustad Muhammad Ibrahim started singing in Classical techniques and his songs were still very popular in Sindhi society. 
His popular Sindhi Lok Dastan “Noor Jam Tamachi” and Lok Dastan Music such as “Sassi Panu“, are famous all over Sindh. He has also sung the poetry of Sindhi Sufi Poets. Legendary Artist Ustad Muhammad Ibrahim died on 03 May 1977.


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