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Muhammad Urs Chandio – 100% Free Best Sindhi Songs Download


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Muhammad Urs Chandio - 100% Free Best Sindhi Songs Download

Sindhi Folk Music Singer Muhammad Urs Chandio Biography

Muhammad Urs Chandio Sindhi Folk Music Singer. He is most popular Sindhi Classical Music, and Sindhi Songs Artist. He started his career from Radio Pakistan and not only performed on PTV and Cassettes recorded but also mesmerized audience during different programs at private Sindhi TV Channels. He received several awards including Shah Abdul Latif award, Qalandar Lal Shahbaz award in his life.

He has sung lot of great songs in Sindhi and Saraiki language. He had performed great role in popular Sindhi Music with “Chapri and Yaktaro“. He sung hit songs  all across the Sindh, young culture like very much his music. 

He sung in the style of legendary Sindhi Artist “Ustad Jalal Chandio”. He performed well and he sung songs of Sindh Dherti. He  enriched the world of Sindhi Classical Music and enthralled the audiences with his masterful artistry in Sindhi Cultural Songs. 

Muhammad Urs Chandio is one of those rare “Yaktaro and Chapri”  Musicians who expanded the peripheries of Sindhi latest stylish Young Cultural Music  by taking it to the common masses.  I have selected below most popular  Music  of Muhammad Urs Chandio.

Muhammad Urs Chandio Sindhi Folk Songs Download
Download Ai Mitha Tu Khi Dil
Download Ajoki Raat Aahiyoon
Download Athai Shauq Chhadan Jo
Download Bewafa Ji Piyar Khi
Download Dhuk Tuhinji Judai Jo
Download Dil Ji Agiyan Mohinji Hali Nathi
Download Ghum Dard Milya
Download Hi Beqadra Tu Mari Chhadyo Aa
Download Lok Khi Lakha
Download Mohinja Purana Perdesi
Download Mohinja Lurk
Download Goth Nazar Na Aayo
Download Sab Manho Eid Malhaeen
Download Sajo Raaj Moo Lai Runo Thi
Download Shadi Anjan Bi Saan Kai
Download Tu Aa Khatyo Jani
Download Tu Dhaar Kayo Sanam
Download Tohinjo Dard Mohinji Dil Jo
Download Tohinji Kari Wagi Te Heera
Download Yaar Khan Juda Thi Wayas


His rendering of “Sindhi Kalam” divine and used to enthrall and transfix listeners, and transport them into a different singing Art of Sindhi Music. He sung poetry of popular Sindhi poets and he is very popular Artist . 
His soulful rendition has been bringing solace to many a hearts in  young Sindhi culture like his music singing style. Muhammad Urs Chandio was famous Artist in Open Mehfils, specially he is called in marriage ceremonies and other events in Sindh.  

He had sung in  Mela, Grass Roots Mehfils, Shrines of Buzrigs in Sindh. This great Artist breath his last on 07 May 2018 in 57 years of age.

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