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Mukhtiar Shahani – 100% Free Algoza Instrumental Music Download


Mukhtiar Shahani - 100% Free Algoza Instrumental Music Download


Algoza Sindh Music, Artist Mukhtiar Shahani is a very popular Algoza music singer, Algoza Sindh seems like the sound of seasons, the climate, mountains, oceans, and the hints of nature. A famous epicurean of Sindhi music.

At the point when one hears it being played, it infers the symbolism of Sindhi towns, a display of level scenes, and the rustic existence of Sindh. You unexpectedly begin to make an image of a group of cows and goats and sheep mooing and bleating in the fields. In the tune in to the Algoza Sindh, thundering with a removed roar over Thar, Laar, Kaacho, and Uttar, cone-shaped hovels and the widely varied vegetation of Sindh start to pose a potential and it is the music of joy. 

Algoza is a breeze instrument that comprises of two woodwind formed recorders; one of them creates high or overwhelming while the second produces slender or low notes (altos). The Algoza player and music specialists call the previous a female sound and the last a male sound. The male sound or note ceaselessly continues playing with a similar pitch with no hole, while the female sound or note varies, changing in pitch. 

Algoza Sindh Artist Mukhtiar Shahani Biography

Mukhtiar Shahani is popular Sindhi Algoza Been Master, he is the most popular Sindhi Algoza Musical Instrument Player. He sang popular songs such as Sindhi Kalam, Kafi, and poetry of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A in Algoza. He expressed playing Algoza Sindh at an early age and got ubiquity in 1976. His things of playing Algoza were recorded from Radio Pakistan Hyderabad, Sindh. 

He performed with four Algoza’s at once in his one execution in the Philippines in 2003. For the best execution, he was granted with Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai grant. He was very much aware of Sindhi’s old-style music. He had played Algoza with unbelievable vocalist Madam Noor Jehan during the war among India and Pakistan in 1965 in Lahore at Vagha outskirts. His recorded exhibition was a piece of Sindhi film Chandoki.

 He turned into the well-known symbol in the Sindhi society music performance. This instrument is the Saaz of Sindh, he is very expert in his fun and he has sung Sindhi Kafi, Sindhi Arfana Kalam, Sindhi marriage songs, Sindhi cultural songs, such as “Mor Tho Tilay” etc. and poetry of most famous Sindhi poets.

Mukhtiar Shahani creates a great name in Sindhi Instrumental Music, he started playing Sindhi Saaz in village culture and feudal society of Sindh, with its rural base, its Autaqs and most important of all as far as the music is concerned, Mehfils. It is an unforgettable experience and one that can never forget, he passed a long chapter in Sindh’s cultural history of Algoza as Sindhi Saaz. 

How to Download Algoza Sindh played by Mukhtiar Shahani?

Algoza Sindh is the spiritual music, when everybody listened to its sweet sound it comes to the hearts, and it is the first instrument in the world which is called heart touching music. When we listen and it is naturally, the most wanted instrument of the world especially in Sindh and Rajhastan India. I have selected the following most popular songs in Algoza sung by Mukhtiar Shahani.

Download Alghoza Sindhi Stylish Dhun
Download Sindhi Alghoza Dhun Bhervi
Download Sindhi Alghoza Been Sur Marvi
Download Sindhi Alghoza Dhun Sur Moomal Rano
Download Sindh Alghoza Saaz Ragni
Download Sindhi Alghoza Been Sindhi Kalam

How was the Algoza Sindh Instrument made and how was it was played By Artist?

Ordinarily, the Algoza Nawaz means (Algoza player), and music specialists call the previous a female sound and the last a male sound. The male sound or note constantly continues playing with a similar pitch with no hole, while the female sound or note vacillates, fluctuating in pitch. The male woodwind, with a fat nib at the top, is 2.5 feet long and the female woodwind, with a thin nib, is 1.5 feet long. Each woodwind has six openings.

 The instrument is generally decorated with the conventional extravagant ruffles and laces of dots and strings. Two sorts of woods are utilized in the arrangement of an Algoza Sindh. The Kirar (Capparis decidua) wood is utilized for the flute to deliver low notes, and Taalhi, (Dalbergia Sissoo) wood is for the flute to create high notes. 

A nib or a reed is connected at the highest point of each woodwind with beeswax which fills in as gum. The beeswax is warmed and the reed or nib is dunked into it and afterward fixed onto the highest point of the flute. It is then left to dry under the sun till it coagulates to hold the reed and the flute together.

Complete History of Algoza Sindh

The causes of the Algoza Sindh are hazy, some state it started in Iran and plunged, with certain adjustments, to Balochistan and afterwards to Sindh. Others guarantee it has Punjabi starting points. 

The Algoza is 9,500 years of age, and the history of Algoza, it is started in Mesopotamia, Egypt, winding down into Persia, Sindh, and Rajasthan after alterations. Some Mesopotamian old artistic creations contain an instrument with twin recorders like an Algoza. 

It was named Al-joza with the word ‘j’ sound not the ‘gh’ sound in early occasions in Mesopotamia however the name was adjusted as it arrived at neighbourhood, Balochistan and Sindh. It started to be called Algoza and composed with ‘gh’ and articulated with the ‘ghaen’ sound” and some cone called it Algoza.

In bygone eras, graziers played it while their creatures brushed. It would not just assistance them while away the time they spent grouping their herds of sheep or cows, however not at all like the flute whose notes are generally seen to hint pitiful, despairing music the Algoza’s music speaks to bliss.

Who was Popular Algoza Sindh Artists?

Khamiso Khan one of the extraordinary Algoza Nawaz, Misri Khan Jamali, Shah Muhammad, Abdul Karim Gopang, Mukhtiar Shahani, Saloo Bheel, Arbab Khoso, Uris Faqir are among the individuals who earned incredible deference and regard in Algoza Sindh for their skillful Algoza playing. 

Khamiso Khan Jhinjhi, a soloist, was the first in Sindh to think of playing the tunes of Sindhi tunes on Algoza, which was an achievement in Sindhi music, as beforehand it was accepted that Sindhi tunes couldn’t be set to the tune of the Algoza. 

A couple of renowned Sindhi songs that have been played on the Algoza Sindh are “Peren Pavandisaan, Chavandisaan”, the ever famous people song, “Yaar Daadi Ishaq Aatish Aai Hai”, “Muhanja Sain Sindhi Topi Wara. Additionally of great Surs from Shah Jo Risalo with the poetry of Sufi Poet Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A (a compilation, for example, Sur Kohiyari, Sur Raano, and Sur Kalyaan have been formed for the Algoza. In Sindh, it is accepted that Algoza played on two Surs, to be specific Kohiyari and Raano, delight individuals the most. 

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