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Mureed Buledi Baloch – 100% Free, Best Balochi Music Download

Mureed Buledi Baloch - 100% Free, Best Balochi Music Download


Mureed Buledi Baloch Pakistani Singer. He is the most popular Balochi Classical Music, Balochi Folk Music Singer.  He is a great singer in Baluchistan and he has sung in different languages. Mureed Buledi Baloch is a very popular Balochi Music Singer from Baluchistan Pakistan, he created a good Name in Balochi Music and Pakistani Music

Mureed Buledi Baloch is one of the most popular Artists in Baluchistan. He is a great singer and he has sung Balochi Songs and created a great name in Pakistan Music.  Mureed sang a lot of Balochi songs in his own style, in Balochi Language and he is quite popular in Baluchistan. 
Mureed Buledi Baloch sang Classical Music and Folk Music and he is well known for his unique style in Balochi Musician with great songs. I have selected the most popular Balochi Folk Music of Mureed Buledi Baloch.


Mureed Buledi Baloch – Balochi Classical Music Free Download
Download Aydha Dhoshi Ma Hayalein
Download Bia Bia Maen Dilber
Download Bichhri Wiya Love Balochi Song
Download Chakar Hani Mureed
Download Hai Hai
Download Lal Sazo Beware
Download Nozaa Mae Jawab Garden Tha
Download Sammo Thi Washin
Download Story Farhad Shireen


Biography Balochi Music Singer Mureed Buledi Baloch

Mureed Buledi Baloch Baloch is popular Balochi people admired his popular Music like as  “Hani and Sheh Mureed e Dastan”, the tale of “Hani” and “Sheh Mureed” is one of his most famous and most listened songs in Baluchistan. Mureed Buledi Baloch has enriched the world of Pakistani Folk Music and enthralled the audiences with his masterful artistry. 
His soulful rendition has been bringing solace to many hearts. His rendering of Balochi Folk Music was divine and used to enthrall and transfix listeners and transport them into a different world. 


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