Noor Jahan Pakistani Playback Music Singer

Noor Jahan Pakistani Playback Music Singer
Noor Jahan was great legendary Artist of Pakistan. She was great singer of Pakistan and she create great name in Pakistan Music.

Madam Noor Jahan sung in different languages such as Urdu, Punjabi, Saraiki and other languages. She was very popular singer of Urdu and Punjabi Films. She was legendary singer of Lollywood Music Film Industry. I have selected most popular Urdu and Punjabi Ghazlas, Filmi Music of Legendary Pakistani Artist Madam Noor Jahan. Madam Noor was most popular Artist of Pakistan Televion and Radio Pakistan and also she has sung National songs and other super hit music of Pakistan. She is great Artist of Pakistan and she sung lot of great songs, in Pakistan and also abroad. She was great singer of Lollywood Films and Punjabi Films.  She was sung many National Songs in 1965 to encourage the peoples of Pakistan and she also singer of Pakistani Cultural Music.
 Noor Jahan Pakistani Classical Music 
Download Chandni Ratain
Download Dildaar Sadqe
Download Gayegi Dunya Geet
Download Kabhi Kitaboon
Download Luddi Hey Jamalo
Download Mahiya Bol Ve
Download Mai Te Mera Dilber Jaani
Download Mudat Hue Hai
Download Munda Shehar Lahore Da
Download Ranjhan Ve
Download Sun Ve Bilori Ankhiyoon
Download Sun Wanjhli Di Mithri Taan Ve
Download Wanjhli WalaRya

Biography of Legendary Pakistani Artist Noor Jahan

Noor Jahan was born 21 September 1926 in a village Kot Murad Khan. Madam Noor Jahan was Legendary Artist of Pakistan Music and Punjab Folk Music.  She sung at about 65 years. She won more than one hundred awards Pakistani Ghazals Music,  Folk Music and Pakistani Filmi Music. As century ended madam was taking her final bow, the voice that had conquered the airwaves for decades, went silent. President of Pakistan asked from Madam about her wish, she laughed,”when i die, i want it to be a public holiday” forty years later when she died on 23 December 2000 the following day a Sunday was a public holiday her wish granted, once again that holiday the entire nation was in mourning. 


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