Qawwali Music, Best Top 20 Songs Download[Ali Muhammad Taji]


Qawwali Music, Best Top 20 Songs Download[Ali Muhammad Taji]

Ali Muhammad Taji Pakistani Qawwali Music Artist, he was the most popular Pakistani Singer and he has sung the most popular “Ghazals” in Classical Qawwali Music, Folk Music.

He was sung Pakistani Classical Qawwali Songs with great new Qawwali style and he sung a lot of great super hit songs was very famous all over Pakistan, he was a renowned International Qawwal.

He has created a great name in Pakistani Music, and Qawali Music and he sang popular Music Albums and his songs were also inducted in movies. Few of his famous compositions include “Humein Tu Loot Liya Husen Waloon Ne“, “Yaro Mujhe Muaf Rakho Main Nashe Main Hoon” and others.

He was also performed in Dubai, Sharjah, Kuwait, Egypt, Iran, Germany, France, England, Norway, Denmark, Copenhagen, Australia, Canada and other countries, peoples like his Qawwali style and his songs still are very famous in all over the Wolrd.

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Ali Muhammad Taji Pakistani Qawalli Music Artist Biography?

Ali  Muhammad Taji was born in Karachi Pakistan in 1954, and he belongs to the Jaipur Kishan Garh Duriyat family.

He was started training in Classical Music when he was just 7 years old under the likes of Khan Sahab Wahid Hussain, Khan Sahab Habibuddin and others who were considered to be the maestros of Classical Music and Qawwali Music.

His first foreign tour came in the year 1974 when he performed in South Africa, the show went on to become a huge hit and a doorway for many such tours and also he sang great songs in London England. 

How to download Ali Muhammad Taji Qawwal Music songs?

Ali Muhammad Taji was the most famous and legendary signer of Pakistan, he has sung a lot of great Qawwali music, in Pakistan and also foreign countries. I have selected following Qawwali Music of Ali Muhammad Taji, you can download it with one click.

Download Aik Jaam
Download Balochi Geet
Download Dil Ne Pehna Hai Jora Kafan Ka
Download Dil Ne Pehna Hai Jora Kafan Ka
Download Humain Tu Loot Liya Husen Waloon Ne
Download Haar Gali Ka Tot Gaya
Download Jo Wahan Piyo Tu Halal Hai
Download Kis Liye Hum Se Perda Hai
Download Laila Lai Laila
Download Mehindi Sad Song
Download Mere Dosat Zindagi
Download Milta Hai Kia Namaz Main Sajdey
Download Shola Ban Jati Hai Shabnam
Download Tere Baloon Mai Moti
Download Un Pe Bhi Jawani Aai Hai
Download Veriya Ve Mai Ne Kiya Kiya Qasoor
Download Yaro Mujhay Maaf Karo
Download Ye Hai Maikada

What is Qawwali Music?

Qawwali Music performers acknowledge as strict tunes and draw out the name of Allah through melodic hand applauding, percussion, harmonium and a huge assortment of the sung refrain. A social affair of Qawwals is included a lead craftsman, two or three assistant vocalists and craftsmen, and furiously extolling junior people.

By on and on and stunningly recounting astounding articulations, they transport groups to a significant nirvana, a trance-like expression that some portray as compared to flying. Qawwali moves the name of Allah in various tongues, from its remarkable Persian to Punjabi, Urdu, Arabic and various lingos of India and Pakistan, anyway the medium’s energy and force can move even Western ears.

Regular Qawwali presentations, or Mahfils, are comfortable social events which see crowd individuals sitting on the ground rather than on seats. This setting, conformists acknowledge, conveys them closer to God, a state unattainable in the field size issues coordinated Aziz Mian Qawwal. Taking everything into account, colossal shows by Aziz Mian Qawwal regardless of everything had swarm people turning like dervishes.

Also, the show of giving Nazar and Niaz, minimal respectful gifts of paper money, is made less difficult in an easygoing Mahfil than climbing stage wards in excess of a few show seats. The showing of Nazar and Niaz is fantastically huge in helping such incredibly famous to recall their unassuming commitment.

Qawwals, for instance, Real World pros Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and The Sabri Brothers have been credited with familiarizing the beauteous medium with the West, with the past collaborating with Canadian producer Michael Brook to mix respectful tune in with including, name powered mix on the basic assortments Mustt (1990) and Night Song (1996).

Which Music Instruments used by Ali Muhammad Taji in Qawwali Music?

Rabbabah: A two-stringed horsehair instrument created utilizing coconut shells and fish skin in Qawwali Music, where a bow slides, strikes, and skirts of the horsehair. It is the bolstered ax of the sha’ir the epic artists and the “Muganni Sh’abiyyah” the general public vocalists of the Nile valley.

Tabla: A part of two little drums played with the palms and fingertips, and fit for making an astounding extent of sounds and surfaces. The name is an abbreviated type of tabla-bayan, bayan significance left, which is the spot the drum is arranged. The tabla is made of wood and the bayan of metal, both have heads made of skin, with a paste of flour and iron filings in the middle.

Dholak: A twofold headed drum diminishing at the two completions, created utilizing a touch of released trunk and played with the fingers and the palms. It begins from North Indian individuals show and is comprehensively used by bhangra gatherings, similarly as Qawwali social events, in spite of the way that the playing strategies are phenomenal.

Duduk: A little oboe-like instrument with an incredibly colossal reed and a sweet despondent tone. The loathsome keenness of the instrument can be hypnotizing in the hands of a talented player. A comparative instrument is known as a mey in western Turkey.


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