Reshma, Top 20 Best Free, Unforgettable Songs Download


Reshma, Top 20 Best Free, Unforgettable Songs Download

Reshma was the one of master of Classical Music, Punjab Folk Music, she was a very famous artist of Pakistan, she had sung hit songs, every now and again observed as folk music, for example, Reshma has sung a song “Haye O’ Rabba” was very popular and another song “Akhiyan Noon Rehan De”  an ordinarily has a typical cause and this part of Punjabi music and now moved in various parts of Pakistan and other countries.

Punjab Folk music is identified with a customary lifestyle and culture, a noteworthy number of the subjects identified with the songs incorporate the headway of the Punjabi society, for instance, the hit music system similarly as superstitious feelings in Sufi Folk songs.

The society starts with Dhadi sort emphasizes records of valor and sentimental stories, as exemplified by the different songs of the mind-blowing nostalgic accounts of “Heer Ranjha” was sung by Reshma and furthermore, folk songs are in a like manner conventionally used in various life cycle events in the Punjab region.

In practically every wedding ceremonies family members, sidekicks, and master people artists Punjabi Music, the artists perform different hit songs society melodies that utilization subjects from a nostalgic past, yet give subjects of separation, rapture, fear, and desire in the present.

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Pakistani Punjabi Folk Music Singer Reshma Biography

Pakistani Legendary Singer Reshma was born in 1947 in the Village of Loha, Tehsil Ratangarh District Churu Bikaner. She was the most popular Pakistani Classical Music Artist and she was a great singer of Pakistan.

She had sung a lot of great songs and created a great name in Pakistani Folk Music, she had sung in different languages, and her unforgettable songs are still popular all over Pakistan and also abroad.

She got “Sitara-e-Imtiaz” and she was very popular in India, and in other countries, her most popular Song “Lambi Judai” she was sung in Bollywood “Film Hero“, she did not get any education but she was great Classical Music singer and folk Music Singer of Pakistan.

Reshma has sung her songs at the Mazars Shrines of the Mystic Saints of Pakistan. She was the most popular Artist of Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television. Her Best Pakistani songs are most demanded in all Provinces of Pakistan she was called Master of Pakistani Classical Mousiqui.

Reshma was started singing when she was twelve years old, she was sung songs at the shrine of Hazrat Lal Shahbaaz Qalandar R.A, her song “Lal Mere Pat” on Radio Pakistan and also she has sung in 1960 on Pakistan Television. This legendary artist was breath her last on  03 November 2013.

How to download Pakistani Music Singer Reshma Songs?

Reshma started singing to explore the folk singing of Pakistan and to keep the tradition of Punjabi folk music. I have selected below the most popular super hit Pakistani songs and Punjabi songs, of Reshma you can download it with one click.

Download Akhiyan Nu Rahan De
Download Chal Dilan Labhan Chaliye
Download Dhole Re Moomal
Download Eh Tan Mera
Download Hi O Raba Dil Nahi Lagda
Download Lambi Judai
Download Lal Mere Pat Rakhyo Bhala
Download Na Dil Dainde Bedardi
Download Phool Banro
Download Rajj Galan Na Keetian
Download Raba Sada Mahi Mel De
Download Senraan Re Bairya
Download Sanjha Chulha Baliye
Download Sade Wal Mukhra Morr Way
Download Tak Patri Walia Lekh Mere
Download Uth Way Gwandhon Yaar
Download Way Mai Chori Chori

Which are the best famous  Songs and Classical Music of Reshma?

Reshma is a great Punjabi Folk Music Artist of Pakistan, she has sung a lot of great songs, from which some following songs are the best songs are available online you can download from the above list from Media Music Mania.

  • Lambi Judai
  • Kithe Nain Na Joren
  • Ve Main Chori Chori
  • Akhiyan Noon Rehan De
  • Haye ‘O Rabba Naiyo Lagda Dil
  • O lal meri
  • Haye O’ Rabba
  • Meri Hamjoliyan
  • We Main Chori Chori
  • Na Dil Dendi Bedardi
  • Sun Charkhe Di Mithi Mithi Ghook
  • Aundiyan Naseeban Naal
  • Naeo Lagda Dil Mera
  • Akhiyan Mila Ke Channa
  • Jo Phool Yahan Par Heer
  • Kithey Nain Na Jordi
  • Challa Beri
  • Menoon Ishq Hogaya
  • Sadda Chidiyan Da Chamba ve
  • Dhole Ri Moomal
  • Koi Ishq

What is Punjabi Music, and how Reshma performed?

Music of Punjab is associated with conventions of the Punjab area of the Indian subcontinent, by and by isolated into two areas East Punjab India and West Punjab Pakistan. Punjab has various styles of music, going from individuals and Sufi to old-style, astoundingly the Patiala Gharana.

Punjabi Folk Music is the ordinary music it is made using melodic instruments like Tumbi, Algoza, Dhadd, Sarangi, Chimta, there is a wide extent of individuals tunes for every occasion from birth to death including marriage, festivities, fairs, and strict capacities.

Punjabi Folk Music is often observed as the regular music of Punjab and commonly has shared creation. This part of folk music has moved with time yet the more settled arrangements of individuals start with the Dhadi sort, which follows considerations of the aggregate source.

Punjabi Music is in like manner for the most part used in various zones of Punjab Pakistan on the events of wedding functions, open Mehfils, Mela and different exercises in the Punjab district. The resonant substance of a noteworthy number of Punjabi wedding tunes have the paternal home depicted as a wellspring of love and sustain. Punjabi Folk music sung by Reshma and also still continues being used as a bleeding-edge device and a strategy for finding recognizing verification.

History of Pakistani Punjabi Folk Music sung by Reshma

Punjabi Music is normally observed as the ordinary music of Punjab and commonly has shared creation. This part of individuals’ music has moved with time yet the more settled classes of society which follows considerations of the shared source.

The individuals Dhadi type underscores records of mental fortitude and sentimental stories, as exemplified by the different songs of the devotion of the stunning wistful accounts of “Heer Ranjaha“, Sassi Panu, Sufi Classical “Lal Meri Pat Rakhiyo Bhala” sung by Reshma. Individuals’ music is in like manner for the most part used in various life-cycle events in the Punjab area.

In basically every wedding events family members, friends, and master society singers perform different types of songs, performed by Reshma and other artists, which use points from a nostalgic past, yet pass on subjects of division, ecstasy,  and desire in the present.

The expressive substance of countless these wedding tunes has the paternal home outlined as a wellspring of fondness and continues,  folk music of Punjab continues being used home to home and town to town and spreading all over the country on different local shows in grassroots areas and other ceremonies.

Punjab Folk Music is the ordinary music on the standard instruments of the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent. There is an unprecedented assortment of music from the hour of birth through the different periods of ecstasy and misery till death.

The general public music gathers the traditions similarly as the devoted nature, valiance and many more things that the people of Punjab get from its entryway to-India land zone. In light of the colossal region with many sub-areas, folk music has minor lingual differences yet brings comparative feelings.


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