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Saira Peter is the first Pakistani Opera Singer. She is the most popular first Pakistani Opera Singer. She has sung a lot of great Pakistani songs and she performed well in Sufi Music. She is proportionate to a range crossing 1/2 harmoniums Saira consistently creates charming and invigorating music, utilizing abilities.


Saira Peter has developed from both eastern and western established preparation. Her eastern preparation was from Chitrarupa Gupta who was prepared by Pandit A. Kanan and in London. She is instructed by Paul Knight, who was guided by Sir Benjamin Britten, a twentieth-century music symbol.


Saira Peter rendered the western experts no sweat, it was the same when it came to subcontinental traditional music in spite of the way that the two classes of music are light-years separated” The News Worldwide, April 2017. Her voice has a one-of-a-kind magical quality to it. 
The way that she is knowledgeable in eastern and in addition musical show music is likewise very uncommon. It influences her unique.” Paul To knight, musical drama writer and vocal mentor, 2016. I have selected below the most popular Pakistani Folk Music and Sufi Music of Saira Peter.


Saira Peter – Pakistani Operatic Music Free Download
Aaoge Jab Tum Sajna
Aye Sar Zameen
Burner Mohinjo Barocho Mayo
Chan Deya Toteya Ve Dilan Deya Khoteya
Humd Wohi Khuda Hai
Kahein Tu Hai Jagah
Koi Tu Hai Jo Wohi Khuda Hai
Madhuban Mai Radhika Nache Re
Mere Dholna
Mohabbat Bhi Zaroori Thi Bicharna Bhi Zaroori Tha
Moray Mann Mai Awaz
Parchman Shaal
Sanu Nehar Wale
Sayoni Mera Mahi
Tere Jaya Menu Hor Na Koi
Zarori Tha



Biography Pakistani Sufi Music Singer Saira Peter

Saira Peter is settled in London UK, and she create a great name in Pakistani Music. Saira Peter holds Master Degrees in Chemistry and History Queen Mary, London University and has a dazzling vocal scope of 52 notes semi-tones, from A-1 to C4.
The world’s first and final Sufi Musical Artist and additionally Pakistan’s first and final operatic voice, Saira Subside’s melodic profundity and otherworldly nearness leave a permanent effect upon all who hear her.
Having performed over different mainland’s. Consolidating eastern and western established styles in her music, Saira’s energy is to utilize her interesting songs achievements to unite people groups of various beliefs and ethnicity, commending otherworldly esteems together, in peace.
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