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Seengar Ali Saleem Sindhi Folk Music Singer. He was a great Sindhi Classical Music Artist. He was a famous Artist of Sindh, he create a great name in Sindh Music.

 Sindhi Singer Seengar Ali Saleem was a great Sindhi Artist of old Sindhi Songs and he was a very great Sindhi Classical Music and Sindhi Sufi Music Singer. 
Seengar Ali Saleem had played a great role in popular Sindhi Music all across Sindh and Pakistan. He was a very popular Singer in Sindh. Seegar Ali Saleem has sung Sindhi Folk Music and Sindhi Folk Music on Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television. 
Seengar Ali Saleem enriched the world of music and enthralled the audiences with his masterful artistry and he was called a great performer of Sindhi Sufi Music.   I have selected below the most popular Sindhi Sufi Music of Seengar Ali Saleem.


Seengar Ali Saleem – Sindhi Classical Music Free Download
Aao Ta Wariyo Nathi Waran
Aaya Agan Ajeeb
Aaya Keen Maro
Akhyaan Roan Neer
Budhe Chhad Dastan Dil
Dama Dum Ya Ali Hyder
Daman Lagia Moula
Dardan Dil Aazari
Her ko Likhyo Lohre
Kadeh Tuhije Waran
Khili Nain
Roz Azal Taa


Biography Sindhi Sufi Music Singer Seengar Ali Saleem

Seengar Ali Saleem was one of those rare classical musicians who expanded the peripheries of classical music by taking it to the common masses. 
Seengar Ali Saleem’s rendering of Kalaams, Kaafis, was divine and used to enthrall and transfix listeners, and transport them into a different world, his music goes to villages from town to town. 
Seengar Ali Saleem played “Sufi Songs” of the great poetry of Popular Sindhi poets. Seengar Ali Saleem gives a soulful rendition that has been bringing solace to many hearts. 
Seengar Ali Saleem has already sung in open Sufi Mehfils, he was very popular due to his Sufi songs. He has sung a lot of great songs of Sindhi Sufi poet Lal Hussain Shah Souz.
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