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Shafi Faqeer – Best Top 100% Free Sindhi Sufi Music Download



Shafi Faqeer - Best Top 100% Free Sindhi Sufi Music Download

Shafi Faqeer Sindhi Sufi Music Singer. He is the most popular Sindhi Folk Music Singer, he has sung Sindhi Sufi Music and Sindhi Classical MusicHe is a great Sindhi Sufi Music Singer of Sindh.
He has sung hit songs on the KTN TV channel, Kashish TV Channel, and other neighborhood TV Channels. Furthermore, he is a notable singer and create a good name in Sindh Music.  
Shafi Faqeer has sung Sindhi Kaafis,  Sindhi Kalam, and uncommonly latest energetic Sindhi Lok Music songs in Sindhi and Saraiki language. He has sung Sindhi Popular Music and Sindhi Classical Music. 
Shafi Faqeer has sung poetry of the latest Sindhi poets such as  “Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A,, “Hazrat Sachal Sermast R.A”, and “Hazrat Manthar R.A” and others.
Shafi Faqeer is the most popular Artist of Sindhi Lok Sufi  Music. He is an especially mind-blowing name in Sindh Folk Music. I have picked below the most standard Sindhi Folk Music of Shafi Faqeer.


Shafi Faqeer – Sindhi Folk Music Free Download
Download Are Shahar Jana
Download Gareeb Huwi Zaroor Per Ajeeb Chokri Hui
Download Hai Hathela Hodi Preetam
Download Hi Asan Jo Pagal Manro
Download Jadh Sara Rishta
Download Jamshora Jawani Ji Parat Athae
Download Kean Karyan Kady Wanjan (Sur Rano)
Download Keenjhar Ja Manzar
Download Muhnji Thar Jo Haal
Download Murk Pyari Men Akhyon Rehji Wyon
Download O Shokh Hawa O Shokh Hawa
Download Pan Palendaseen Hany Na Endaseen


Biography Sindhi Sufi Music Singer Shafi Faqeer

Shafi Faqeer played Sindhi songs for energetic Sindhi new culture proficiently and his heavenly sweet unfaltering and amazingly in the new style, he is the singer of Sindhi Music.
He has sung mind-blowing songs Strategies. What a capacity Artist Shafi Faqeer, untouched gathering of spectators people like his best songs. 
His Sindhi Lok Music is exceptionally standard all over Sindh. His singing style happens in a live setting, perhaps at an outside “Mehfil” in “Aotaq” and he played moreover in Mela and wedding capacities. 
He showed such new style of Sufi songs and played new styles in Sindh, his songs with a spot of superbly Music of Sindh. 


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