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Shaukat Ali is the most famous Pakistani, and Punjabi Classical Music singer he is an extremely acclaimed artist in Pakistan, he had sung hit songs, sometimes seen as folk music, for instance, he sang a song “Jab Bahar Aai Tu‘ poetry of Hazrat Allama Iqbal. R.A was exceptionally mainstream and another song “Jagga” normally has a run-of-the-mill cause this part of the music and now moved in different parts of Pakistan and different nations.

Punjab Folk music is related to a standard way of life and culture, an essential number of the subjects related to the tunes consolidate the progress of the Punjabi society, for example, the hit music framework likewise as superstitious sentiments in Sufi Folk songs.

The general public beginnings with Dhadi sort accentuates records of valor and wistful stories, as exemplified by the various songs of the staggering nostalgic records of “Heer Waris Shah” was sung by Shoukat Ali and moreover, folk songs are in a like way expectedly utilized in different life cycle occasions in the Punjab area.

For all intents and purposes each wedding functions relatives, sidekicks, and ace individuals artists Punjabi Music, the singers perform distinctive hit tunes society songs that use subjects from a nostalgic past, yet give subjects of division, joy, dread, and want in the present.

Pakistani Punjabi Folk Music Singer Shaukat Ali Biography


Shaukat Ali Pakistani Classical Music Singer was born in Malakwal Punjab Pakistan, he is a family artist and he is the father of  Pakistani singer Imran Shoukat, who created a great name in Punjabi Folk Music. He began singing in 1960  for the first time on stage. 

When he was a student at Government College, Lahore and he got training in music from his elder brother  Inayat Ali Khan.  He has performed, in Pakistani Folk Music, Pakistani Ghazals, he performed well at the 1982 Asian  Games in New Dehli India, he is a master of Ghazals music, and Punjab Folk Music Songs.

His song “Kadi te Has Bol Ve” was used in the  “Film Love Aaj Kal” was very popular.  He began his career as a professional singer by participating in Radio Pakistan, and he became popular among the people of Punjab. He was awarded the highest Pakistani civilian Presidential award, as well as the Voice of Punjab Award.

He has sung Dastans Music of “Mirza Sahiban”, “Saif-ul-Maluk” and “Heer Ranjha“.  He is famous in Urdu Pakistani Songs for their emotional depth and also he got a lot of awards as a Cultural Ambassador of Pakistan.

How to download Pakistani and Punjabi Music Singer Shaukat Ali’s Songs?

Shaukat Ali began singing to investigate the society singing of Pakistan and to keep the custom of Punjabi Folk music. I have chosen beneath the most mainstream super hit Pakistani melodies and Punjabi songs,  of Shaukat Ali you can download them with a single click.

Ai Dunya Ai
Dus Way Wakila
Heer Warish Shah
Jhaiya Dila
Jab Bahar Aai Tu Sehra Ke Terf Chal Nikla
Kyon Rukha Rukha Bolna
Kuri Sup Da Bahana
Kagaz Di Beri
Mithe Bolan Naal
Mai Tirke Ghari Da Pani
Mawan Thandi Chhawan
Peenay Aa Te Apni Liye
Pa Gai Sano Umran Da Rona
Ranjha Ni Faqeer Ho Gaya
Sade Pahle Pahle Piyara Nu
Tere Laal Parande
Walayat Kano Aa Gai


Which are the best famous Songs and Classical Music of Shaukat Ali?

Shaukat Ali is an extraordinary Punjabi Folk Music Artist of Pakistan, he has sung a ton of incredible songs, from which some after tunes are the best melodies are accessible online you can download from above rundown from Media Music Mania.

  • Heer Waris Shah
  • Saif Ul Malook
  • Mahiya
  • Zikr
  • Heer
  • Kyun Door Door Rehnde
  • Jab Bahar Aai
  • Jagga
  • Kawan Sun Kawan
  • Saatheo Mujaahido
  • Sune Meri Maut Da
  • Ajeh Kaharo Doli Na Chao
  • Chand Sitaron Mein
  • Babul Merian Guddian
  • Doli
  • Dekha Zaroor Tha
  • Bedardon Se Pyar Na Karna
  • Khuda Ke Waste
  • Mawan Te Dhiyan
  • Chhalla
  • Chhoti Umre
  • Yaro Menu Rona Na
  • Na Ja Ve Na Ja
  • Ucchi Uddi De Sleepran Wali
  • Kehri Majboori Pichhey
  • Pardesi Naal Pyar
  • Taang Sajjna Di
  • Ral Mil Saray Karo Dua


What is Punjabi Music, and how is Shaukat Ali performed?

Music of Punjab is related to shows of the Punjab territory of the Indian subcontinent, before long secluded into two territories East Punjab India and West Punjab Pakistan. Punjab has different styles of music, going from people and Sufi to old-style.  Punjabi Folk Music is conventional music it is made utilizing melodic instruments like Tumbi, Algoza, Dhadd, Sarangi, and Chimta, there is a wide degree of people tunes for each event from birth to death including marriage, merriments, fairs, and severe limits.
 Punjabi Folk Music is frequently seen as the standard music of Punjab and usually has shared creation. This part of folk music has moved with time yet the more settled game plans of people start with the Dhadi sort, which follows contemplations of the total source. Punjabi Music is in a like way generally utilized in different zones of Punjab Pakistan on the occasions of wedding capacities, open Mehfils, Mela, and various activities in the Punjab locale. 
The full substance of a vital number of Punjabi wedding tunes has the fatherly home delineated as a wellspring of adoration and support. Punjabi Folk music is sung by Shaukat Ali and furthermore still keeps being utilized as a front-line gadget and a system for finding perceiving checks.

History of Pakistani Punjabi Folk Music sung by Shaukat Ali

Punjabi Music is regularly seen as the standard music of Punjab and ordinarily has shared creation. This part of folk music has moved with time yet the more settled classes of society which follows contemplations of the mutual source. 
The people Dhadi type underscores records of mental mettle and nostalgic stories, as exemplified by the various tunes of the dedication of the staggering thoughtful records of “Heer Ranjaha”, “Heer Waris Shah“, “Saif ul Malook” and Sufi Classical sung by Shaukat Ali. Folk Music is in a like way generally utilized in different life-cycle occasions in the Punjab zone.  
On essentially every wedding occasion relatives, companions, and ace society artists perform various kinds of melodies which use focus on a nostalgic past, yet pass on subjects of division, ecstasy,  and want in the present.
The expressive substance of innumerable wedding tunes has the fatherly home illustrated as a wellspring of affection and continues,  people music of Punjab keeps being utilized home to home and town to town and spreading everywhere throughout the nation on various neighborhood appears in grassroots zones and different functions.
Punjab Folk Music is the conventional music on the standard instruments of the Punjab district of the Indian subcontinent. There is an extraordinary grouping of music from the hour of birth through the various times of happiness and hopelessness till death.
The overall population music assembles the customs correspondingly as the gave nature, alliance, and substantially more things that the individuals of Punjab get from its portal to-India land zone. Considering the goliath district with many sub-regions, society music has minor lingual contrasts yet brings near emotions.
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