Sodhal Faqeer Laghari | Sindhi Sufi Songs Download


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Sodhal Faqeer Laghari | Sindhi Sufi Songs Download i

Sodhal Faqeer Laghari Sindhi Sufi Singer Biography

Sodhal Faqeer Laghari Sindhi Sufi Music Artist. He is most popular Singer of Sindh and he create great name in Sindhi Music. Sodhal Faqeer Laghari is popular name in singing style of Sindhi Sufi Folk songs in Sindhi language. he is singer of Sindhi Sufi Raag, and Folk Music of Sindh. He sung Sufi Kalam, Arfana Kalams and Lok Music. 

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He paid great role in the history of Sindhi Music all across Sindh and Pakistan and he sung on Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television. He enriched the world of Sindhi Music and enthralled the audiences with his masterful artistry. 
He called King of Arfana Sufi Kalam’s and  he is very famous due to his sweet sound. His soulful rendition has been bringing solace to many hearts. He is one of those rare classical musicians who expanded the peripheries of  Sindhi SongsI have selected below most popular Sindhi Sufi Music of Sodhal Faqeer Laghari.
Sodhal Faqeer Laghari Sindhi Sufi Music Download 
Download Aayal Keryan Keean
Download Aapo Dilber Hai Parhanda
Download Ditha Moo Door Dunya Ja
Download Hoye Dunya Door Chal Pal
Download Hitan Waya Udri
Download Hitan Khani Agti Chha Halbo
Download Haq Mojood Sada Mojood
Download Jogi Mai Na Hoya
Download Jind Jan Jalandi
Download Jadi Ho Maa Ditho Tu Khi
Download Kandas Punhal Saan Dil Joo Galhiyoon
Download Lai Ta Waya Moye Khi Lori
Download Mai Tusadi Rowan
Download Ohay Char Gharyoon
Download Pal Pal Poor Pawan
Download Tak Tak Akhiyan Thakiyan
Download Uthi Aadhi Raat Jo Jin Kayo
Download Umer Ada Mohinja Bhao
Download Uder Pakhira Weh Na Wich Mai
Download Wah Wah Chara

Sodhal Faqeer Laghari divine and used to enthrall and transfix listeners, and transport them into a different world, his music goes to villages from town to town. He sung songs of Sindhi poets

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He has sung great poetry of  Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A, Hazrat Sachal Sermast R. A, Hazrat Bedal Faqeer R.A, Hazrat Manthar Faqeer. R.A and hit Sindhi Songs of other Sufi poets of Sindh. He is called a Sindhi Classical Music of Sindh. 


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