Taj Mastani Sindhi Sufi Music Singer

Taj Mastani Sindhi Sufi Music Singer

Taji Mastani Sindhi Folk Music Singer. She is great Sindhi Lok Music Artist, she has sung lot of great songs in Saraiki and Sindhi dialect.
She is most eminent Artist of Sindhi Sufi songs and also most famous Sindhi Stylish Music Singer. Taj Mastani is great Sindhi Society Music Singer, and she is most demanded in new generation of Sindh. She made great name in Sindh Music. She has sung in Sindhi Language with her own style and she is very popular due to singing of Sufi style songs. Taj Mastani all around performed in different local Programs on  KTN TV and other TV Channels in Sindh. She has sung in open Mehfils, Mela, and Shrine of Sindhi Buzrigs in Sindh, and her Dhamal of Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalander R.A is very popular in all over Sindh. She has sung Songs in her own style in different programs and events. She is among the finest entertainers in the Sindhi Sufi Songs, and Sindhi Cultural Music, Established Music, Society Music. I have chosen below most well known Sindhi Music of  Taj Mastani. 

Taj Mastani Sindhi Folk Music 
Download Aidi Dair Kari Chho Tha Yaar Acho
Download Ale Mohinja Marora
Download Allahi Chha Mai Raazi Aa
Download Bhainer Munhjo Barochal Aayo Ala
Download Hikro Manho Moti Dano
Download Jeay Latif
Download Lal Meri Pat Rakhyo Bhala
Download Mokal Dai
Download Rusi Wanjo Na Rana
Download Sertiyoon Aai Ta Wanjo Re Wanjo
Download Sindh Amar Ja Naara
Download Sindh Ji Boli
Download Thee Rowan
Download Tohinjay Pyar Sir Jhukai Chhadyo
Download Wah Janira Wah

Biography Sindhi Sufi Music Singer Taj Mastani

Taji Mastani is first Female Artist of Sindh, she sung on “Yaktaro and Chapri” as Lok Music  and Sufi Singer and art of super hit Sindhi Music. She is very popular Artist of Sindh on Local TV Channels, and she is very popular in all over World due to her great own style with Yaktaro and Chapri. She has showed up great music programs in Sindh and also she has performed in foreign countries and she is very famous in Sindhi Sufi Rang. She has performed Sufi shows far and wide and she is sung songs of “Sindh Dherti Music”. 


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