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Talib Hussain Dard – 100% Free Punjabi Folk Music Download


Talib Hussain Dard - 100% Free Punjabi Folk Music DownloadTalib Hussain Dard was a Pakistani Punjabi and Saraiki folk music singer, he was his most famous artist. He sings in the Shahpuri accent of Punjabi, which is the language of millions of people in central Punjab. He is the pioneer of “JOG” singing.

He isn’t just well known among neighborhood factions of Baloch, Naul, Haraj, Silas, and Syed however similarly celebrated among pilgrim standings of Warriach, Cheema, Chatha, Tarar, and so on, and youthful ages of relocated Jaat, Rajput, and Arain who settled in these regions after 1947.

Talib Hussain Dard was an artist who sings folk music in focal and South Punjab and without a doubt the most established and most famous artist. He was an entertainer and an extremely mainstream artist and sings in a high pitch.

Talib Hussain Dard is an unassuming and pleasant individual and called an extraordinary aficionado of the society artist from Jhang and also he was the most demanded artist in Punjab.

Best Talib Hussain Dard Punjabi Songs Free Download


Biography Talib Hussain Dard Punjabi Folk Music

Talib Hussain Dard was born in 1955 in  Khanoana, Khewa, Thesil Bowana, District Jhang Punjab Pakistan. He was the most popular Punjabi and Saraiki music artist, he has sung a lot of great songs in Punjabi, Saraiki, and other languages.

He started folk music singing from Ustad Nazar Hussain Dhokri and traditional from Ustad Salamat Ali Khan. He had built up a music institute in Jhang a couple of years prior yet it nearly shut because of the absence of assets.  He was still called a singer of “Dard “, he was a great singer of  Punjab and he created a great name in Punjab Folk Music.

He was famous due to his sad songs, and every person called him the best one in the folk music of Punjab artists.  Talib Hussain Dard was the master of Classical Music and cultural Music of Punjab he was a famous Artist and Musician and he has sung such types of songs that people liked in the Saraiki language.

Best Punjabi Folk Music Free Download

He started singing in local marriage ceremonies and other events in Jhang District, his first album was released from Pak Gramo Phone Agency Jhang. The people of Punjab specially Jhang, Sargodha, Mandi Bahwal Din, and other root areas of Pakistan like his all albums. 

He began singing 50 years back and stayed well known due to his administration for the field of Punjabi music.  According to subtleties, renowned people artist Talib Hussain Dard, who is known for singing in excess of 20,000 songs was passed on subsequent to experiencing a drawn-out sickness. This legendary artist was breathing his last on 17 March 2019.

How to download Punjabi Music  Talib Hussain Dard?

Talib Hussain Dard started singing to explore the folk music of Punjab in his own style and to keep the traditional songs in the Saraiki language. I have selected below the most popular super hit Punjabi and Saraiki songs of Talib Hussain Dard you can download them with one click.
The music of Punjab is associated with conventions of the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent, and by isolated into two segments East Punjab India, and West Punjab Pakistan. Punjab has various styles of music, going from individual and Sufi to old-style.
Punjabi Folk Music is ordinary music it is made using melodic instruments like Tumbi, Algoze, Dhadd, Sarangi, Chimta, and furthermore, there is a wide extent of individuals tunes for every occasion from birth to death including marriage, festivities, fairs, and strict capacities.
Punjabi Folk Music is much of the time seen as the traditional music of Punjab and commonly has shared creation. This piece of society music has moved with time yet the more settled arrangements of individuals start with the Dhadi sort, which follows considerations of aggregate birthplace.
Punjabi Music is similarly commonly used in various regions of Punjab Pakistan for the events of wedding services, open Mehfils, Mela, and different exercises in the Punjab area. The resonant substance of a critical number of Punjabi wedding tunes has the protective home depicted as a wellspring of friendship and sustaining. Talib Hussian Dard Punjabi Folk music continues to be used as a bleeding-edge mechanical assembly and a technique for finding and recognizing confirmation.

Famous  Punjabi Songs Talib Hussain Dard?

Talib Hussian Dard was a great Punjabi Folk Music Artist of Punjab, he has sung a lot of great songs, the following are the best songs available online you can download them from the above list.
  1. Phul Chambeli Malnan De
  2. Ve Main Chori Chori
  3. Aj Kal Di Kehri Yaari
  4. Be Takiyan Karenda Vadaein
  5. Jadey Naviyan Naviyan Laiyaan
  6. Maan Kein De Vi Allah Na Todey
  7. Hik Wari Phera Pa Wanj Watna Te
  8. Keete Wadey Nibha Chorein
  9. Sara jag bewafa koi kisey da vi nhi
  10. Bhala hovi o chan dhola
  11. Kisey dian neendran
  12. ‘Dil ro ro sada dewey
  13. Asi Ruthey Rasaein dhola
  14. Chan dhola
  15. Watna te Raaj
  16. Kadeen kadeen mukhra
  17. Metho mang na dhula diti hoi nishani
  18. Bhalay sajna dy Jad v Yad
  19. Injay Patnan Te Daindi Ain Duhai
  20. Kekon Khol Sunayin Terian Beparwaiyan

History of Punjabi Folk Music?

The folk Music of Punjab is consistently observed as the traditional music of Punjab and normally has common creations. This piece of individual music has moved with time yet the more settled classes of society start with the Dhadi order, which follows contemplations of the shared root.
The individual Dhadi type underscores records of fearlessness and sentimental stories, as exemplified by the different songs of the devotion of the stunning wistful accounts of “Heer Ranjaha” and “Sahiba Mirza” and other “Dard” Music sung by Talib Hussian Dard and the sad music is in like manner for the most part used in various events in the Punjab central regions.
In essentially every wedding administration family members, friends, and master folk music artists perform different plans of individual tunes that use points from a nostalgic past, yet pass on subjects of division, rapture, fear, and desire in the present.
The expressive substance of countless of these wedding songs has the protective home portrayed as a wellspring of warmth and continue. People’s music of Punjab continues to be used as a front-line gadget and a technique for finding and recognizing confirmation.
Punjab Folk Music is the ordinary music on the standard instruments of the Punjab area of the Indian subcontinent. There is an uncommon assortment of music from the hour of birth through the different periods of happiness and trouble till death.
The general public music gathers traditions similar to the committed nature, alliance, and significantly more things that the people of Punjab get from its gateway to-India geological zone. As a result of the huge domain with many sub-locales, the individual’s music has minor lingual complexities yet gathers comparative feelings.
The sub-locale, Malwa, Doaba, Majha, Pothohar, and inclines zones, have different societal melodies. Punjabi Folk Music is known for its irate rivalry against Bhangra music which is a kind of Punjabi present-day music envisioned.

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