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Usman Faqeer Solangi – 100% Free Sindhi Sufi Music Download


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Usman Faqeer Solangi - 100% Free Sindhi Sufi Music Download

Sindhi Sufi Music Singer Usman Faqeer Solangi Biography

Usman Faqeer Solangi Sindhi Sufi Music Singer. Usman Faqeer Solangi  is great Classical Music Singer. He create great name in Sindh Music. He is very popular in all over Sindh and Pakistan. Usman Faqeer Solangi  is well known and very popular Sindhi Folk Music, his Sufi Music was very popular like Sindhi Sufi Songs Sohrab Faqeer Music and versatile Classical Music Singer of Sindhi Language. 

He has sung specially Sindhi Music which is very famous in all over Sindh. Sindhi Music  is very popular  about Sufi Kalam Sindhi, Arfana Kalam and Sindhi Lok Music and also Sindhi Sufi Poetry is very popular in all over the World. Usman Faqeer Solangi has sung lot of great songs in Sindhi Sufi Style. 

He has sung Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television and also Shrines of Sindhi Sufi “Buzrigs”, Open Mehfils, Marriage Ceremonies, Mela and other functions. His Sufi Style Music goes to put affects on every hearts. Usman Faqeer Solangi Sindhi Folk Music Artist, belonging to Sindh Province Pakistan. 

Usman Faqeer Solangi Sindhi Sufi Music Download
Download Ae Khatam Rusal
Download Aj Tu Tho Sohna Piyaren
Download Ajj Beemari Wai Chhadi Mehboob Ji Deedar
Download Chand Sang Siyaka Wiya Chhine
Download Disan Ta Hit Moo Khi
Download Dukh Mai Deehan Lagai Waya
Download Kuchh Bhi Aahiyoon Jahra Bhi Aahiyoon
Download Mohan Mehrab
Download Moo Waithay Wanjhara
Download Nanik Naam Humara
Download Sou Sawal Sorat Thi Kaya
Download Tore Yaar Wanji Tho
He has sung great Sufi songs with great poetry such as Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A, Hazrat Sachal Sarmast R.A and other popular poets of Sindh. Sindhi Traditional Songs  from Sindh territory is sung in Sindhi, and is for the most part performed in either the “Draws” or “Waee” styles. 

The Baits style is Vocal Music in Sanhoon or Graham. Waee instrumental music is performed in an assortment of ways utilizing a string instrument. Waee, otherwise called Kafi, is found in the encompassing regions of Balochistan, Punjab, and Kutch. I have selected most popular Super Hit Music of Usman Faqeer Solangi.

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