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Zeek Afridi – Best Top, 100% Free, Pashto Songs Download

Zeek Afridi - Best Top, 100% Free, Pashto Songs Download

Zeek Afridi Pashto Classical Music Singer. He has sung in great style in Pakistani Pop Music, Classical Music, and Pashto Folk Music. He is very popular in the young culture of Pakistan in the Pashto Community. His singing style is to promote his great Pashto songs, and Pakistani songs in Pakistan and also abroad.

Zeek Afridi has sung his great songs in Pashto Music and Lollywood songs. A lot of songs by Zeek Afridi are most demanded in Pakistan and Pashto Community. He got his education in Peshawar, Pakistan. He went to F.G. Boys Public School in Peshawar, and also he got further Education from Government School Peshawar.
In the wake of graduating, he got a Graduate degree from Peshawar College. Zeek Afridi his school life, he frequently won initially prizes in singing rivalries, which urged him to seek after singing on a bigger scale. 
After completing their graduate degree in 2003, he released his first Album Collection “Bibi Shirini“, which was most popular in the society of Music lovers Pushto and Urdu. I have selected below the most popular Music of  Zeek Afridi.


Zeek Afridi – Popular Pakistani Pashto Pop Music Free Download
Download Attan
Download Bibi Sherenay
Download Che Khande Rata Goray
Download Che Ziar Mazigarai Shi
Download Da Baam Pa Sar Bande
Download Da Khog Zra Me Takoor Ye
Download Da Mangiz Ghara De Shana
Download Janana Las Raka Che Dawara
Download Kar Da Gulo Ka
Download Laile Laile Jon Jon
Download O Musafara Mola De
Download Sharing Sharing
Download Storage De Toray Toray
Download Tao Sha Tawaga
Download Wale Bawar Na Kaway
Download Za Pagal Na Yama



Biography Pakistani Pashto Music Singer Zeek Afridi 

Zeek Afridi was born on 01 April 1979 in Peshawar Pakistan. He originates from the tribal region of Tirah, his family has a place with the Afridi tribe of the Pashtun community. He is a great Pashtun singer, Zeek Afridi has additionally released Urdu renditions of the collection. 
Zeek Afridi’s arrangement for his next collection, he was reached by show promoters in various nations where there is a Pashtun people group. He performed in national and worldwide shows. He performed in Dubai, Derby Mela, and Nottingham Mela in the United Kingdom. He has been given interviews on Radio and TV Stations. 

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